Chinese Culinary Arts (Lu Ban) Diploma – Level 3

The world’s first Chinese approved qualification outside of China. It was created by experts in China, namely:

  • Chinese Cuisine Association
  • Tianjin Cuisine Association
  • Tianjin Municipal Education Commission

And in conjunction with PAM Education, the language and course structure developed for western students, whilst maintaining the authenticity and expertise of Chinese fine cooking skills.

More specifically, Mr. Bingyi Gao, Chair of Acclaimed Chefs Committee of Chinese Cuisine Association has visited Tianjin Lu Ban Workshop Training kitchen at TSC and praised highly this project. Mr. Linghui Kong, Vice Chair and Secretary General of Tianjin Cuisine Association visited UK Lu Ban Workshop training kitchen at Crawley College and participated in the Level 3 Diploma in Chinese Culinary Art launch event this year.

Why should I consider this course?

As well as receiving a Qualifi recognised Level 3 qualification (A-Level equivalent) on passing the course, it is specifically designed to elevate students to progress through the cooking roles of a Chinese or Asian kitchen. It will teach you the key skills in the art of Chinese cooking, and to develop a great understanding of flavours, ingredients, and methods of regional cuisines to achieve the highest standards in the preparation and cooking of authentic Chinese food. Further Chinese Culinary courses will be available with the option of progression to a vocational degree and MBA.

Available as a mixed-learning, work-placed course through Crawley College. First of its kind course and purpose-built authentic kitchen within a UK College. Learn authentic cooking skills centuries old or extend your already acquired knowledge and realise your potential for the future.

“Study the past as if you would define the future.”

Sign-up today for September 2018, and become one of the founder’s of this course; or get in touch and express your interest for more details through

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