A Crisis Waiting to Happen? The Future of the UK’s Chinese Restaurant Industry

Chinese Restaurant image of lantersThe UK restaurant industry is worth an enormous £30 billion a year but there’s a problem; the Chinese restaurant industry is suffering and suffering fast.

China’s restaurant industry has seen double-digit growth this year so what’s happened in the UK? Recent research has attributed the downfall in the UK’s restaurant industry to rising costs and economic uncertainty. Larger chains are slimming down whilst independent chains are going bust all together. Some have made the link between the fall in the pound, due to Brexit, and food inflation. Whilst this may be true to some extent, it’s not the full story with regard to the Chinese sector.

There is a shortage of skills in Chinese cuisine that is needed for new and upcoming restaurants to succeed. What once was a pathway in the family business for younger generations has become a dull prospect for many. The passion for cooking amongst much of the younger generation in the Chinese community has been lost; the spark, gone.

Chinese Culinary Arts aims to reignite that spark; we want to funnel people’s passions for Chinese cooking and nurture their talent into something special. The Chinese Culinary Arts course is a partnership between China and the UK to deliver the highest standards of understanding history, culture, food and more. The course teaches the importance of cooking healthy, good quality Chinese food.

So, why invest all this time and effort into UK training when there is the option to recruit direct from China? Recruiting from China is costly, time consuming and risky. Restaurants need to recruit those who possess the skills to run a kitchen but hiring from China can cost upwards of £15,000. In addition, the legal and immigration process can take a long time. What’s more is that there is no guarantee who you hire will have the skills you’re looking for.

The Chinese Culinary Arts course ensures that quality staff will be trained in the UK, ready for the UK Chinese restaurant scene. We want to make certain of the Chinese restaurant industry’s long term survival. The only way we can do this is by delivering quality training in-house, in the UK.

The training consists of a mixture of online learning and practical assessment. We want to enhance the skills of budding chefs and create a successful career path for the future.

Our Chinese-specific catering course will remove the need to find chefs willing to relocate from the Far East. We will be able to train right here in the UK, producing the finest delicacies, finest flavours and finest chefs.

Find out about the latest courses at https://www.crawley.ac.uk/study-courses/course-list/81CCD3-Chinese-Culinary-Arts-Lu-Ban-Diploma-Level-3

The Chinese Culinary Arts course is a Level 3 Diploma and is made up of blended learning delivered as live lessons via video link so learners can participate from anywhere in the UK. Course start dates at multiple points throughout the year. Course duration is equivalent of three school terms (one year).


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