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Your Pre-Enrolment Questions

What makes this course different from others?

The Chinese Culinary Arts (Lu Ban) Diploma - Level 3 course is the world’s first UK regulated qualification outside of China developed based on Chinese culinary skills standard written by the Tianjin School of Cuisine (TSC) with association of :
• Chinese Cuisine Association
• Tianjin Cuisine Association
• Tianjin Municipal Education Commission
• Tianjin Food Group

And in conjunction with PAM Education, the language and course structure developed for western students, whilst maintaining the authenticity and expertise of Chinese fine cooking skills.

More specifically, Mr. Bingyi Gao, Chair of Acclaimed Chefs Committee of Chinese Cuisine Association has visited Tianjin Lu Ban Workshop Training kitchen at TSC and praised highly this project. Mr. Linghui Kong, Vice Chair and Secretary General of Tianjin Cuisine Association visited UK Lu Ban Workshop training kitchen at Crawley College and participated in the Level 3 Diploma in Chinese Culinary Art launch event this year.

Why should I consider this course?

As well as receiving an internationally recognise UK Level 3 qualification (A-Level equivalent) on passing the course, it is specifically designed to elevate students to progress through the cooking roles of a Chinese or Asian kitchen.

It will teach you the key skills in the art of Chinese cooking, and to develop a great understanding of flavours, ingredients, and methods of regional cuisines to achieve the highest standards in the preparation and cooking of authentic Chinese food. Further Chinese Culinary courses will be available with the option of progression to a vocational degree and MBA.

Is this course in English?

Both English and Chinese languages are available in this course. English is the only language we’ll be using if students register with Crawley College.

Chinese speaking students can register with PAM to complete the course online with the master chef support from Tianjin School of Cuisine.

For this option contact info@pameducaiton.com.

How long is the course?

It runs for three school terms. So if you start the course in September, the final date will be June of the following year.

However, a course commences each term which means learners have the option to start in January, finish in December or start in April, finish in March of the following year.

What qualification will I achieve if I pass this course?

You will receive a Level 3 diploma qualification which is the equivalent of a UK A-Level. This qualification is approved by Qualifi (https://qualifi.net/) , regulated by Ofqual, and is recognised world-wide.

Can I get funding for this course?

The fee has to be paid by yourself or your employer. There may be some scholarship opportunities to cover your fees. Please email Dr Xioli Dutton at xiaoli@pameducation.com if you would like to find out more about scholarships.

Where does the course take place?

Whilst the course is facilitated at Crawley College, it can be attended by anyone in the UK as it is a web-based course. The assessment is carried out at Crawley College.

What are the facilities at Crawley College for this course?

This is a first of its kind purpose-built authentic Chinese kitchen within a UK College, with the equipment being from China, and supplied by Tianjin School of Cuisine.

Why is this course web based?

This course is delivered by a team of expert Chinese chefs and tutors. Students benefit from learning directly from culinary experts and the fact that it is web based means that your location in the UK will not impact your ability to take part.

Can I interact with other students and gain learning, advice and experience from them? 
Yes, join the Chinese Culinary Arts Group Facebook page for continued interaction and up-to-date details on the course and future courses.
Is this similar to an Open University course?
No, our lessons are live, taking place in real time, where students can ask questions and the tutors can interact with students.
Who can apply for this course?

You must have already gained a Level 2 qualification, such as an A-C grade GCSE. See the list of Level 2 qualifications here (https://www.gov.uk/what-different-qualification-levels-mean/list-of-qualification-levels). Or you must have been working in a commercial kitchen environment for at least 2 years.

What are my options once I achieve the Level 3 qualification?
You might decide to continue onto the Level 4 qualification, but this is not essential. Your qualification is the equivalent of an A-Level which you will be able to use to progress to the next level of your career in catering.
What further educational opportunities will there be if I pass this course?

Qualifi Level 4 diploma in Chinese Culinary Art will be available from September 2019.

Qualifi Level 5 diploma in Chinese Culinary Arts and Management will be available by September 2020.

Each of the qualifications will be one-year course.

This Qualifi Level 3 course is specifically about the art and skill of preparing and cooking authentic Chinese dishes.

At level 4 we extend this skill set and also introduce some aspects of team leadership and management.

Qualifi Level 5 extends the focus on entrepreneurial and management skills and knowledge associated with all areas of a successful business. Learners with Qualifi Level 5 will have the opportunity to progress to the final year of UK bachelor’s degree at a Qualifi partner university in the related subject areas such as hospitality and tourism management.

You could also choose to continue with the vocationally related route by progressing to appropriate Qualifi Level 7 qualifications. Qualifi level 7 qualifications represent 120 credits of a 180 credit masters degree. On completion of the Qualifi L7 students are able to progress on to the final 60 credits of study for a UK Master’s degree e.g. the dissertation for award of an MBA at a Qualifi partner university. In this case, there is no need to complete a bachelor’s degree in order to achieve the master’s degree.

About the Course

How many lessons are there?

There are two separate one hour lessons during the week (term time only), and you will need to practice for at least 10 hours per week in your own workplace kitchen.

What equipment will I need to do this course?

You will need a PC, laptop or mobile device to tune into the lessons. And you will ideally need access to a commercial kitchen that you can practice the dishes. A full list of kitchen equipment and accessories will be provided.

Will I need to get ingredients to practice?

Yes, you will be given a list of ingredients prior to each lesson so that you can purchase these at your own cost for your practice.

What region is the cuisine related to?

The course aims to introduce Chinese cooking skills and knowledge that can be applied to all Chinese regional cuisines. You will receive a list of all the dishes that will be prepared at the beginning of each term.

Are all lessons live?

Yes, you will log into each lesson and watch it in real time.

Do they feature any pre-recorded elements?

Yes, the Chinese Master Chef cooking demonstration is pre-recorded but the tutor narrative and interaction with you is live.  The entire lesson will be recorded so you can re-watch and help you to practice.

Can I ask questions throughout the lesson?

You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the lesson at appropriate pauses in the cooking demonstrations.

What if I think of questions after the lesson?

You can save your question until the next session or email it directly to the tutors. And they will address your question at the start of the next lesson.

How will I be assessed?

During the course you will need to come to Crawley College on four separate visits for your five assessments. These dates will be advised when you receive your pre-course information.

The Driving Force behind the course

The Chinese Culinary Arts Course has been developed through many partners

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