Sino British Lu Ban Workshop Scholarship

The Sino-British Lu Ban Workshop Scholarship provides financial awards of up to £2,175. The scholarship has been established to coincide with the introduction of the Level 3 Diploma in Chinese Culinary Arts which launched in the Autumn of 2018. The aim of the course is to teach UK based leaners the authentic skills and standards adopted by restaurants across mainland China.


Who can apply?

This scholarship is available for application by individuals or employers who have a Level 2 or equivalent diploma, OR have worked in a commercial kitchen for at least two years. If you would like to apply please send a brief email to Dr Xiaoli Dutton at detailing your existing work/education arrangements and why you'd like to take part in the course (it's not a test - it's purely for background information so we can call you and have a little backgound knowledge).


Why is the course needed?

The existing recruitment process for Chinese chefs is time consuming, costly and filled with red tape. Costing over £15,000 to recruit a Chinese chef, many restaurants will struggle to survive if nothing is done to address this issue.

This course is the first step to alleviating the issue that by ensuring a flow of Chinese chefs, at a much lower cost, who are trained in the art of Chinese cuisine. It is suitable for learners who are already working in a Chinese kitchen, or those who want to expand their skill set into Chinese/Asian fine cooking.

Chefs will be trained to the highest standards, learning directly from Chinese master chefs who will be watched online, demonstrating each dish as the student watches via a laptop or mobile device. The UK tutor will deliver the narrative in English (Mandarin is available for students who prefer this) and students will study the principles and skills of each dish and practice in their workplace kitchens.


Why apply for the scholarship?

scholarship student image example

- It's free to sign up
- You can work and learn at the same time.
- Saves restaurants the time and cost of recruiting essential kitchen staff

This is a rare opportunity to participate in regulated training, enabling the learner to develop fine skills, working towards Chinese chef status.

If you are or have a hard-working member of staff, (for example, a porter who could progress through the chef levels in the kitchen, or someone who has a real desire and passion to learn fine Chinese cooking skills), please apply for this scholarship.

Ideal students are those who are keen to learn and practice. The scholarship and the course offer the opportunity to develop into a base level Chinese chef, learning the skills to work towards becoming an excellent chef of Chinese cuisine.

The first course commences in November 2018. Registration is open now with limited places available.


Who makes the application?

Individuals: Please complete the specific course application form at We will them contact you and discuss the scholarship.
Employers: The employer will nominate the individual, and it is the individual who will complete the application form at



If you have any questions at all please email


Scholarship terms and conditions

  • Please note that the decision of the Scholarship Panel is final
  • Successful applicants will receive an email to confirm the outcome of their application
  • They will then receive a letter which they will be asked to sign and return, to confirm that they agree to the terms and conditions
  • The recipient must submit a report on how the programme went and the benefits they have received
  • Breaks from study or long-term illness will result in the termination of the scholarship
  • Should the terms and conditions not be met, termination of the scholarship or award is at the discretion of the Chinese Culinary Arts partners
  • The recipient agrees to participate in press and PR opportunities as required and to their reports being used on the college website and in printed publications
  • The student and employer agree to submit feedback and photos of their work when requested by the Chinese Culinary Arts partners
  • Any additional terms and conditions will be confirmed to the recipient in writing
  • The terms and conditions may be updated from time to time


For more information about the course, see

To see more information about the course's UK and Chinese partners, click here.

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