What is Chinese Culinary Art?

"It is the authenticity and true meaning of China's food culture".

Skills forged over generations

Cooking embodies the dining culture tradition of the Chinese nation, and conveys the essence of their lives. Skills passed from generation to generation can now be learned from professional Chinese master chefs

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"Study the Past if you would define the Future."

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The Driving Force behind the course

The Chinese Culinary Arts Course has been developed through many partners

PAM Education

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Luban Workshop

LuBan Workshop

Building Skills. Creating Jobs.

The LuBan workshop is a global scheme created to build expertise and to drive employment around the world. It is credited to Lu Ban, a Chinese inventor, Carpenter and Engineer who demonstrated strong expertise and creativity, inspiring others to be as expert as he.

Crawley College

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Crawley College is PAM Education's chosen provider for delivery of the Chinese Culinary Arts (Lu Ban) Diploma Level 3 qualification